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On this page you will find the most important information about our company and our debt collection services.

Hettema & van Bambost Juristen, founded in 1993, is a debt collection agency with its residence in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Among our clients we count both companies and private persons. Our main services entail debt collection activities in the Netherlands but also in most foreign countries. Furthermore we provide credit reports regarding Dutch companies and private persons.

Apart from that, we have the availability of a big network of lawyers, bailiffs, debt collection offices as well in the Netherlands as abroad.

To make sure you get the service you deserve we only work with lawyers with an university degree and an extensive experience in the legal branch.

No cure no pay

Our debt collection activities are purely on a NO CURE NO PAY base.

We never charge you any file costs, office costs or other costs in advance, nor do we work on the basis of an hourly fee. If your debtor does not pay it will cost you nothing.

We always charge the debtor with the costs we make (we charge 15% with a diminishing percentage the bigger the amount), so most of the time we are able to transfer the net sum to you.

The written and verbal communication with the debtor will be in the Dutch language, so the collection of the debt will be much more effective.

Furthermore, we will keep you regularly informed about the progress of the debt collection cases. In this way you save your valuable time, money and energy without a single risk of high costs and you have the possibility to make use of our specialized knowledge of the Dutch law system and our network.

Legal procedures for free

If our activities outside court are unsuccessful (which does not occur often), we can collect the sum by means of a lawsuit.

For undisputed claims up to an amount of € 25.000,– our lawyers will proceed in court FREE OF CHARGE, no matter how much time the hearing will take and no matter where in the Netherlands the case is heard.

If the debt is bigger than € 25.000,– and we were not successful in collecting it outside court, we will have to proceed in another kind of court with a special lawyer, called ‘advocaat’. In the Netherlands it is forbidden for a ‘advocaat’ to proceed on a no cure no pay base, so he will have to work on the basis of an hourly fee. However, we can offer you a special discount fee of € 150,– per hour (excl. VAT). Naturally we will always leave the choice up to you if you want to start such a legal procedure or not. In case you don’t want, we will not charge you anything.

Try us without any obligation

Normally we work for our clients on the base of a subscription (with a small yearly fee, varying between € 25,– and € 225,– (excl. VAT), depending the number of debt collection assignments) but for your first debt collection assignment you do not need this subscription at all nor do you have to pay this fee.
We will handle your first debt-collection case without any obligation, purely on a no cure no pay base. That way, you have a chance to get to know our firm, our enthusiastic and experienced staff and our effective collection method, in a pleasant and easy manner. You will enjoy all the benefits of a ‘subscription’ to our services without taking one out.

Moreover, we will not charge you any start-up costs or handling charges. If necessary, our lawyers will even go to court at no cost for your first case, no matter how much time the hearing will take and no matter where in the Netherlands the case is heard. The benefits of an subscription are the following.

  • We handle any debt collection, regardless of the amount involved and without any obligation to pay start-up costs;
  • Debt-collection costs are charged on a ‘ no cure no pay ’ base;
  • Our lawyers will bring, if necessary, cases before the sub-district court without charging you an hourly fee (in court cases up to € 25.000,–);
  • Free extracts from public registers, including the commercial register, municipal personal records database, the land registry, etc.;
  • Special discount fee, when we have to make use of a special lawyer, called ‘advocaat’, in court cases above € 25.000,–. This fee is € 150,– per hour (excl. VAT);
  • Regular updates on all your debt collection cases handled by us.

So for your first debt collection case you will enjoy all these benefits without the obligation of a subscription.

If you are in doubt as to whether you are indeed entitled to money that is due to you, our lawyers will assess your chances of winning, free of charge, regardless of the amount involved.


Our general terms and conditions apply to all our services. You can download our general terms and conditions below:

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